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Four Straight Days of Watching Sunrises

A few months ago when my in-laws were visiting from California, they sat Tim (my husband) and I down and insisted that we consider going away on an extended weekend vacation. We had not been on a vacation alone since before Bella, my 8 year old, was born. While Tim and I fantasized from time…

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Follow the Safety Signs

The weather is finally getting warm, and with that, starts one of my favorite summer activities: trips to the pool and lake. Being around water is one of the most relaxing things I can think of. But water can also be very dangerous: nearly 1000 children die each year by drowning. Many of these are…

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School is Out!

Although our weather is still hit and miss, we have had quite a few really sunny and even hot days in the recent weeks. In addition to the good weather, SCHOOL IS OUT!!! What does that mean? It means that kids are going to be playing outside, going to the pool, going to summer camp…

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How I Became a Soccer Mama

This spring I decided not to repeat the mistake of last year’s debacle. Last year I allowed each of my sons to play up to three sports apiece. Well, with four sons playing on average two sports apiece, we had close to eight different sports games each Sunday! Seeing that I work every other Sunday,…

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