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Autumn has certainly come in with a bang! The change of seasons is one of the things I love about living in the Midwest. Autumn for me brings memories of apples and apple picking, a tradition my parents started with me and my brothers back in New York State. Eating our fill of McIntosh apples and drinking apple cider, while wandering about under the apples trees is a fond memory. We started this tradition with my own children when they were very little. We would pack them in the car and drive to Quiggs.  After spending the day picking and eating, we would have hot apple cider and donuts in their restaurant. Later that week we would make Aunt Dorothy’s German apple cake with our newly picked apples, YUM!

Even though my children are grown, we enjoy continuing this tradition with them. Every fall when we would visit my son at Beloit college, we would fit in a visit to the APPLE HAUS orchard-pick your own apples and homemade cider donuts!  He still visits there in the fall when visiting friends from college! We were very happy to discover another orchard near St Paul where my youngest goes to school. It is a “ must” to go there on family weekend when we visit. In addition to apples, you can pick your own raspberries, which we love!

Spending a beautiful day outdoors and eating one of nature’s healthiest snacks right off the tree! Who could ask for more? I recommend this to all of our families!

Pat Lawrence