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By Nurse Practitioner Karen Gentile

Spring is FINALLY in the air!  We’ve had a few warm days, the birds are back and chirping, and the trees are starting to bud and bloom. With spring comes…seasonal allergies!  This is the time of year that my seasonal allergic rhinitis rears its ugly head. Soon the sneezing, itchy eyes and runny nose return and Zyrtec and Zaditor become my morning ritual for the spring/summer.

If you or your child has seasonal allergies, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. You’ve probably already noticed the sneezing, eye rubbing , the allergic shiners and the tell tale “nasal salute” from your child. Perhaps it’s been enough to already start the antihistamine regimen.

Aside from our trusty antihistamines, there are some other home remedies or techniques that I use to help minimize allergy symptoms. Always shower and change clothes after playing outside to remove the pollens from skin and clothes. Also, using a neti-pot or nasal saline spray at the end of the day to clear the pollens from the sinus tract can ease the nasal symptoms temporarily. Read more advice about seasonal allergies.

We can’t avoid the flowers and trees, but we can at least try to minimize their impact with these simple techniques so we can enjoy them!

Enjoy your spring!

Karen Gentile, CPNP