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I don’t need to tell anyone living in the Chicago area reading this just how treacherous and intense this winter has been. This winter has caused cabin fever so severe that even the talented providers at Kids First were not able to cure it. Although my kids have kept busy this winter with plenty of schoolwork, it just seemed to me that cabin fever was not the only thing taking a toll on their well being. This winter’s frigid temperatures prevented much physical activity from occurring and even limited my children from regularly participating in fun outdoor sports like sledding and skating.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to inherit a treadmill and after much rearranging of the furniture in our guest room, my husband and I surprised our kids with an indoor activity more fun than the Xbox One: a full-on exercise regimen for each and every one of them. This regimen consists of the older boys running on the treadmill each day after school for 15 minutes, followed by sit-ups, push-ups and stretching. And, oh yeah, a quick jump in the shower.

I am proud to report that everyone is performing quite well. The kids are even having so much fun that they keep asking me when it will be warm enough for us all to run outside as a family! I told them as soon as winter loosens its grip, our exercise regimen will definitely be on display for all the neighbors on our street. Until it warms up, though, they will continue to just amuse one another indoors with their smooth exercise moves.