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A few months ago when my in-laws were visiting from California, they sat Tim (my husband) and I down and insisted that we consider going away on an extended weekend vacation. We had not been on a vacation alone since before Bella, my 8 year old, was born. While Tim and I fantasized from time to time about going somewhere alone, we never considered it a reality. “How can we coincide our work schedules to take off?” “One airplane ticket is like 10 weeks of gymnastics classes for one kid!” “ Who can and is willing to care for our 4 young girls?”

My father-in-law offered to fly to Chicago and take care of all 4 girls himself! What an upstander, right? My in-laws support of our marriage helped validate a vacation as an investment to our family. So, recently Gramps took up his promise and flew here while we jet setted to Fort Lauderdale.

Four straight days of watching sunrises, going to the gym, taking naps, soaking up the sun and swimming in the ocean was absolutely positively so wonderful. Moreover, doing all of those fun and relaxing things with Tim was truly a blessing I will be forever grateful for. I soaked in every second. I took mental pictures of every laugh we shared. I will never forget this vacation and the time alone we were able to enjoy in peace and quiet. We both agreed at the end of the stay that we didn’t even know how bad we needed time together! We promised each other to try our very hardest to go away from our home alone once a year. Seriously, even if it is camping in a tent an hour away! I felt that being away from household distractions and the girls interrupting us every third word allowed us to simply enjoy the simplicity of each other.

Additionally, and as you would guess, we came back home with full tanks of love and patience for our babies. All in all, well worth it!

Stephanie Brennan, MSN, FNP-BC