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Nurse Practitioner Delia Groza

Delia Groza joined Kids First in 2018 as a nurse practitioner and certified asthma educator from the National Asthma Educator Certification Board (NAECB). Prior to becoming a nurse practitioner in 2018, Delia was a nurse in a pediatric clinic for almost 20 years.

Delia fell in love with children during her pediatric rotation in nursing school 22 years ago, and then working in a pediatric clinic intensified her my passion to help children. She especially enjoys the opportunity of forming strong relationship with families as she watches their children grow. “Caring for children and educating their families has brought about some of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career. There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that my advice in a time of anxiety and vulnerability has made a difference in someone’s night as they were dealing with a sick child,” says Delia.

Now as a CPNP, Delia hope to have an even greater impact on the patients she works with. She spent her last practicum rotation of her graduate program at Kids First and says she “fell in love with this clinic.”

“From the professionalism of the staff and their awesome vision for this practice to the diverse pediatric population they serve, Kids First was nothing shy of a dream job for me. I fully embrace the work ethic represented by this clinic and having become part of this team has given me an even deeper desire for excellence in my care for the children and families I encounter.”

Delia worked with Jean Russo, who recently relocated out of town with her family. Several years ago, Jean helped develop the Easy Breathers program at Kids First, which sparked Delia’s interest. Last summer, she pursued certification as an asthma educator, and now she is able to assist with that program. She says, “As a certified asthma educator, I get to tap into an important aspect of medical care which I feel very strongly about – patient education. I have seen both as a pediatric nurse and during my clinical rotations in school, that this particular area of asthma care is very poorly understood by a lot of parents and patients, thus demanding a lot of teaching and support from the medical staff. I believe the Easy Breathers program at Kids First is a brilliant idea in this regard, one that is definitely lacking in many pediatric practices. We are so blessed to offer this service here in our clinic, and I am honored to be part of the amazing team of asthma educators that make up this program.

When she’s not working, Delia enjoys spending time with her husband and sons – regardless of whether it involves working around the house together, sitting at the dinner table or doing road trip family vacations. She also enjoys cardio Pilates and running.