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Episode 14: Croup

November 6, 2018 Written by Kids First

Fall and winter are the seasons in which there is a rise in upper respiratory infections including croup. Croup is a specific type of URI that causes a barky seal-like cough and sometimes difficulty breathing. Croup often comes on suddenly and can be very scary for parents. In this episode, Nurse Practitioners Karen & Jean discuss croup and help us to understand how to handle croup when it is suspected:

  • Signs and symptoms of croup
  • The hallmark symptom of croup
  • Sound bite of the classic “seal” bark cough
  • At home treatment recommendations
  • Steroids? When should and when should we not use them?
  • The differences between mild, moderate, and severe croup
  • When to consider an ER evaluation or when to call 911
  • When would an ENT referral be appropriate?