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Episode 12: Fever Facts

October 9, 2018 Written by Kids First

Nurse Practitioners Karen Gentile and Jean Russo are joined by a special guest and of our very own pediatricians, Dr. Jenny Kim. Dr. Kim explains one of our HOTTEST topics in pediatric primary care- fevers! Some of the topics Dr. Kim covers in this episode:

  • What can affect our temperature fluctuations
  • A true fever starts at 100.4F of a core body temperature
  • Temperature measurement techniques
  • Reasons why fever may be a GOOD thing
  • The symptoms a fever will produce
  • When fever is considered an emergency
  • When parents should call our office to let us know about their child’s fever
  • Viral fevers can generally last 3-5 days
  • Why do fevers come and go throughout the day
  • What temperature is “too high”
  • Why a fever doesn’t actually cause brain damage
  • How, when, and why we should administer fever-reducing medications like Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen
  • Why do fevers sometimes go UP after giving fever-reducing medications
  • Febrile seizures
  • Fevers caused by vaccinations

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