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Belated Father’s Day greetings to all of our Kids First Families. We are excited to introduce a new section on our website – “Notes from your Pediatrician”. Many of our families enjoy getting a more personal insight into the doctors who care for their kids and this new feature is our effort to bring you this personal touch. Every week one of your Pediatricians will post a few thoughts or a story – no medicine – just life, family, hobbies, or whatever comes to mind.

For my first contribution to this section I go back to Father’s Day, a day that carries extra feelings for the Aronson family. Ten years ago my oldest child, Zahava was born on on June 16th, which that year was Father’s Day. That’s right – I became a father on Father’s day. Zahava still sees this as a proud accomplishment, as her first Father’s Day present to me. It’s a special thing that we’ll always share and that enhances this already special day. Of course most years Father’s Day and June 16 dont fall out on the same day – but she likes to tell people that it means she has 2 birthdays. (In spite of her best lobbying efforts she only gets 1 gift.) To all of the other Dad’s out there – I am sure your day was as meaningfull as mine. I hope you enjoyed reading this first note and that you will look forward to logging onto our website each week to read future musing from myself and my partners Dr. DiVincenzo, Dr. Shepherd, and Dr. Comrov.