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Well Visit Policies:

DSC_1635 copyThe cornerstone of pediatrics is well child care. It provides us with an opportunity to evaluate your child’s growth and development — from the earliest smiles and words to their concerns about sex and drug use as teens. Patients from birth through age 21 are required to have a complete physical examination to participate in our practice. Regular exams set the tone for anticipatory guidance and good preventative health care. In addition, because most camps and schools require physical exam forms to be current, it is important that physical exams be performed yearly. New patients will receive record release forms to be sent to your previous doctors so we may receive past records. It is ideal if we receive such records prior to a check-up so we can determine if any further immunizations or laboratory tests should be done.
A complete physical exam at our office includes height, weight, head circumference (for infants), evaluation of vision and hearing (in older children), an assessment of development and any necessary vaccinations. We allow ample time for discussions of issues related to your child’s home, school and peer relationships. While recalls for yearly check-ups are sent out periodically, please try to call well in advance for your child’s exam.
View our How Kids Grow section to see our well visit schedule and find out more about each age of development.


Appointments can be made at anytime during regular office hours. We realize that your time is important, and so is ours. We would appreciate 24-hours notice for canceled visits.
Please try to be prompt for your appointment time. You must bring with you your insurance ID card as well as your co-pay. We do require at least 24 hours notice for physicals and will charge your account $35 for no-shows.
We schedule a specific time for visits. If you feel the problem you wish to discuss is involved (i.e. behavioral, hyperactivity, etc.) please let us know when you are scheduling your appointment so that extra time will be allotted. Please try to make your check-up appointments three months in advance.
Baby visits should be made in advance at the time of each visit. These visits are essential for the optimal health care maintenance of your children. Be aware that your insurance plan may require a full 12-month time span between routine checkups. Know the date of your child’s last physical when scheduling new appointments.


Routine questions should be asked during your visits to our office. If a problem arises between visits that requires attention, we will be happy to discuss it by telephone during office hours.
Our pediatric nurses are experienced to handle your child care questions. You will be transferred to our nurse advisement line where you can speak directly to a nurse or leave a message for a call back.
Emergencies will be handled immediately. Remember, if you have Caller ID with a blocking feature, please remove it with *87 before placing your call so the advice line nurse can return your call. After office hours, we ask you to use common sense and call only if it is a reasonable concern or emergency.
As the name shows, Kids First Pediatric Partners exists for the kids. We understand that when it comes to children, emergencies can and do occur. For urgent medical questions and concerns, medical providers can be reached 24-hours a day during non-office hours by calling the answering service number below: 24-Hour Answering Service: (773) 250-6232


Most managed care insurance plans require referrals from your primary care physicians before your child can be seen by a participating specialist. We require at least 72 business hours for processing referrals and are not allowed to back date any referral request.
Our referral line is open during business hours Monday through Friday to expedite your requests.

Forms for School, Camp and Sports:

Your child will require many forms to be filled out over the years. When your child’s school, camp or sport’s program requires a physician form, please provide it to us with as much of the information you can already filled out.
Please submit all forms with a self addressed stamped envelope. Because of the volume of forms we do, especially during the summer, this will help facilitate their rapid return.
Forms should reach our office AT LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the time you need them returned.