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I hope everyone has been enjoying a wonderful summer. I always have thought that living in a climate with long winters means that we should especially appreciate the warm periods. I hope everyone has been outside as much as possible.

The onset of warm weather allows me to practice one of my favorite hobbies. Anyone who has come across me happily wandering my local garden center knows I like to garden. As my children have gotten older they have joined me. This has its challenges, I’ll admit… there are times I want to banish them when they turn the hose on each other, fight over sharp shovels, and accidentally dig up a favorite plant. But there are wonderful rewards when I realize they are sharing time with me outside enjoying a favorite hobby and gradually learning about gardening. I enjoy watching them eat tomatoes and peapods off the vines and sampling different herbs. It’s fun to teach them how to plant vegetable seeds, watch them grow, and then bear vegetables.

I encourage you to consider gardening with your children once they are old enough. Even if you don’t have much outdoor space you can plant simple things like herbs in pots. I think you and your child will enjoy watching things grow and eating edible plants or seeing flowers bloom.

If gardening isn’t your cup of tea, maybe there is another outside activity you enjoy – biking, swimming, soccer, etc.. Don’t let summer slip away – enjoy time with your children outside!