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Over the past several weeks, we’ve made many adjustments to our office procedures to accommodate you during COVID-19. Our priority is to ensure the safety of your family, which includes continuity of care – both for sick and well visits.

Well visits are an essential cornerstone of pediatric care and children’s well being. If your child is due for a routine visit, we assure you that it is safer coming to see us than to skip important visits.

Following are some recent changes in our office:

  1. Well visits are only in the mornings: We no longer offer sick walk-in during the morning and only schedule well visits at that time. Sick visits take place in the afternoons.
  2. We only allow one well caregiver per patient and no siblings.
  3. We’ve streamlined our checkin process so that sick patients do not have to use the waiting room.

We offer telehealth

For your convenience, be sure to check out our telehealth option if your child needs a sick visit. We offer them during business hours with our providers. All you need is a phone or computer to speak to us through our secure application. Most insurance companies now cover telehealth. Call our office at 847-676-5394 to schedule an appointment.

Current hours

Please note that while Illinois is in a state of shelter in place, we are closing our office earlier. We will keep you posted as the situation in our state evolves. 

Monday through Friday: 8AM – 5PM
Saturday: 9AM – 12PM
Sunday: 8AM – 11AM

As always, when our office is closed, there is a provider on call to help you for urgent medical matters. You can reach the provider on call by calling our normal office number 847-676-5394. 

Benefits of annual checkups for kids

Well visit check ups provide us with an opportunity to evaluate your child’s growth and development — from the earliest smiles and words to their concerns about sex and drug use as teens. Patients from birth through age 21 are required to have a complete physical examination to participate in our practice.

New patients receive record release forms to be sent to your previous doctors so we may receive past records. It is ideal if we receive such records prior to a check-up so we can determine if any further immunizations or laboratory tests should be done.

A complete physical exam at our office includes height, weight, head circumference (for infants), evaluation of vision and hearing (in older children), an estimate of development and any necessary vaccinations. We allow ample time for discussions of issues related to your child’s home, school and peer relationships.

Since most camps and schools require physical exam forms to be current, it is important that physical exams be performed yearly. Such regular exams set the tone for anticipatory guidance and good preventative health care. While recalls for yearly check-ups are sent out periodically, please try to call well in advance for your child’s exam.

Wishing you all well and looking forward to continuing to serve you safely. See you soon!

The cash price for a COVID-19 diagnostic test is $80. We provide this information to our patients, health insurers, and the general public, pursuant to Section 3202 of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.