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We are all waiting for this weather to improve!

My girls have had to stay inside for weeks straight. Some days are quiet, and we all catch up on some cuddle time and sleep, as you see in the picture.

But more often, they start climbing up my walls (quite literally!).

I have gotten creative in how to expend some energy on a budget.

  • The biggest hit is called, “Build-a-secret-sister-only-fort.” The building part takes some creativity and furniture moving. After that, I excitedly whisper, “You should go get flashlights and read a book in that cool fort!” Each time we do this is just as amusing as the first time, I’m telling you!
  • Obstacle courses! Hop on one foot down to the end of the room, followed by 10 jumping jacks, 5 push-ups, and crab walk back. NOW, eat a handful of broccoli, wait some 20 minutes to let it digest a little (have a sing-a-long), and do it again! I bet the second time beats the first because vegetables are FREE FUEL!
  • Teacher. My older girls especially love when they are the teacher, and I am a student. I tend to get in trouble for the littlest things.
  • We are all huge fans of Friday night dance parties. Particularly to the Frozensoundtrack.
  • Yoga. Yes, when my munchkins are completely losing it, I put on some yoga music, turn down the lights, and attempt to lead a sun salutation. Be thankful you are not there. It is not as zen as it seems, but I am a good trier.
  • When my two younger ones are napping, I insist the older ones help me with chores. Then, I take time to play some board games. Our newest favorite is Scramble States. SO FUN! I definitely recommend it; I love games where learning is incorporated.
  • The tried and true arts-and-crafts time, I have to admit, I am not the best at running. More often, I give them a bucket of markers, stamps and paper and let them create their own masterpieces while I get some laundry done.

Well, we have certainly used our imagination this winter! We are all excitedly awaiting spring to ride bikes outside and enjoy the parks! Louisa asked me the other day, when it was 45 degrees, if we could go to the pool because it was so nice out! In due time…

Stephanie Brennan, MSN, FNP-BC