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Everyone wants to be able to see their doctor whenever they need to. We, the providers and staff at Kids First Pediatrics, really want to be able to make this happen whenever possible.

To that end we are constantly looking for ways to increase the times that each of us comes into our office.  Following are some of the ways we increased patients’ access to providers at Kids First:

  • Over seven years ago, I started to work on Sundays so that we are open seven days a week. Originally it was just me, but as we got busier, we responded to the needs of families by having Dr Comrov and one of our wonderful Nurse Practitioners come in to allow for more access.
  • We expanded our evening hours from three to four nights a week.
  • We moved to a new office to give us more exam rooms.
  • As our walk in hour became more popular – we began to open 30 minutes earlier. A few months ago we developed an afternoon walk in from 4-7PM.
  • I recently began working on Friday morning.

Thanks to our phenomenal team of four pediatricians and our nurse practitioners, we are able to all work together as a team to provide excellent care so many hours of the day, seven days a week. Dr. DiVincenzo personally hired each of our terrific NP’s because of their high level of training and expertise in the care of children.  Their knowledge, skill and experience has earned them our trust, and we our proud to have them as part of our team.

Of course each family is encouraged to find a primary provider for scheduled check ups and appointments – but for acute care and sick visits, we have lots of availability for you to be cared for by one of our team members.