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Nearly 14 years ago, Aisha Ghori Ozaki became a first-time parent several weeks before she and her husband expected. The couple hadn’t yet spoken to the pediatrician they had chosen, Dr. Cathy DiVincenzo, and they met her for the first time soon after their son’s premature birth. Fortunately, they had one less matter to worry about because they were incredibly impressed with her knowledge and calming demeanor. To this day, Dr. DiVincenzo’s involvement in the initial weeks of her son’s life are what stand out the most for Aisha, and she continues to remain appreciative of that care. A few years later, when Dr. DiVincenzo left that office to open Kids First Pediatric Partners, Aisha did not hesitate to follow her to the new practice

At the time of their son’s birth, Aisha and her husband experienced typical new baby challenges, but additional health problems added another layer to their concerns. Thankfully, all eventually turned out well, but Aisha says that Dr. DiVincenzo’s reassurance meant a great deal to them. “And we were first-time parents and the first in our group of friends to have a kid, so we really appreciated everything she did because we didn’t have a strong support network,” says Aisha.

Aisha feels that as the practice and staff has grown over the years, this demeanor carried over to the other doctors and nurses as well. Additionally, she loves the office’s use of technology and enthusiasm with staying current on all trends, and especially the flexible hours, including Sundays and evenings. “Usually when your kids get sick it isn’t between the hours of nine to five.”

Most of all, she is grateful for Dr. DiVincenzo’s ability to relate well to both parents and children. Thankfully, nowadays her children mainly visit the office for yearly check-ups, and when they do they all look forward to seeing their favorite pediatrician.