Travel Clinic

Happy child playing with toy airplaneWith so many families traveling to places all over the world, we want to help your children travel safely and make your preparations go smoothly.

When you contact our office about your travels, we will send you a form to fill out with details about your trip. Our nurse practitioner, Pat Lawrence, CPNP and our nurse Nicki Mancini, RN, BSN will review this to see what your child will need and then set up an appointment. Pat will discuss vaccines, safe food and water and preventing common diseases you may encounter on your travels.

If a specific vaccine is recommended other than routine childhood vaccines, we will talk to you about these and will be able to administer them when you come.

We can serve you best if you give us approximately six weeks notice of your travel, but don’t be afraid to contact us, even if you are leaving sooner!

Safe travels!