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We’re so glad to be able to now offer both kinds of COVID-19 tests directly in our office: Rapid tests and PCR tests.

If your child needs a COVID-19 test, you can contact us to make an appointment at 847-676-5394. We will help you determine which test is best for your child’s situation.

The PCR test is considered the gold standard test.  It takes longer to get results but is better at picking up cases of COVID where patients have mild or no symptoms.  

The rapid PCR test is very good for diagnosing COVID infections in patients with more symptoms, but may miss some cases where people have lower viral loads.

There is also a difference in the rate of “false negatives” – cases where the person has COVID-19 but the test does not result as positive. This situation is somewhat more common with the rapid antigen test, so it is often appropriate to do a PCR test for confirmation when the rapid test is negative.

The cash price for a COVID-19 diagnostic test is $80. We provide this information to our patients, health insurers, and the general public, pursuant to Section 3202 of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.