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Episode 25: Food and Drug Allergies

April 17, 2019 Written by Kids First

On this week's pediatric podcast, Dr. Karina Gobin, a Board Certified Allergist and Immunologist, joins Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Karen Gentile to talk about food and drug allergies in kids. In this episode Dr. Gobin discusses some of the signs and symptoms of food allergies, the age of presentation, and how food allergy testing is performed. Dr. Gobin reviews the most common allergic foods and how food allergies are managed. In the second half of the episode we discuss drug allergies: the signs and symptoms of a drug allergy, if testing for drug allergies is a possibility, and how we manage drug allergies.

Dr. Gobin can be found at Allergy, Sinus, & Asthma Professionals

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