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This week I celebrate something that is also very near and dear to my heart – the Pittsburgh Steelers, who reported to training camp last week.

For some fans and casual observers – football season starts with the first games in September. But for die hards like me, football season never ends. From checking mock drafts – to the draft itself…through training camp all the way through to hopefully a SuperBowl win. Many of you have noticed and commented on my Steelers watch or I Pad cover, but behind the scenes there is a desk full of Steelers paraphernalia and a home full of fan gear and memorabilia.

My 5 kids are of course Steeler fans – it’s in their genes. We bleed “Black and Gold.” Even my wife (who grew up in Chicago and isn’t much into football) jokes that she roots for the Steelers because if First Steeler Babythey G-d forbid lose a game, she is stuck with a grumpy husband. Actually, I am truly grateful to her for supporting my kids and I, as passionate members of SteelerNation. She often dresses them in Steelers shirts, and even tagged along when we visited training camp a few summers ago in Latrobe Pennsylvania. She let me wrap them in Terrible Towels in the hospital nursery after each was born. And though our youngest son is named Ben – she swears it was not after our quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. So during the next few months if you happen to see me on a game day – you can look out for the extra bit of nervous energy as I root (and pray) for my Steelers to lift another Lombardi trophy. Till next time…….Adam Aronson