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Nearly two years ago, Julie Han and her husband learned she was pregnant with their third child many years after their second had been born. The welcome surprise was a shock for them, and amidst the startling news, they took comfort in knowing their baby would receive excellent pediatric care from Kids First Pediatric Partners – just like their two older children had received since birth. It was one less detail for them to be concerned about.

Han met Dr. Cathy DiVincenzo about a decade ago at a childbirth class when she was pregnant with her oldest child. Han explains that she was so warm, friendly, and reassuring that she didn’t look any further for a pediatrician. When Dr. Cathy opened her own new practice, Kids First, Han unquestionably followed her from her old practice. Fortunately, Han’s children have been generally healthy over the years, but she maintains that even if they had to drive to the office more frequently than they’ve needed to from their Chicago home, her children would likely still have a positive association with the office and its staff. “Other than their yearly check-ups, we go maybe one other time during the year,” Han says. “I trust the entire staff, so if we see someone other than Dr. DiVincenzo I never wonder if their opinion is as good as hers.”

Most recently, Han was impressed that in spite of the pain her young daughter experienced following a nursemaid’s elbow incident (a partial dislocation of an elbow ligament), she was not scared at the initial or follow-up visits. Han explains that even at a young age, her daughter knew she was in a safe place and seemed to fully trust the nurse and doctor examining her. The pleasant, comforting visits Han and her children experience time and again reassure them that they made an excellent choice in pediatric care.

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