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At KFPP we strongly encourage families to be active participants in their child’s healthcare. To meet that goal we offer frequent and timely parent education updates. Read this month’s topic and review the list from previous months.

Medical Memos By Dr. Adam Aronson
Lyme Disease
Dealing with Tragedies
Sports-Related Concussions
Everything You Need to Know About Getting Big Kids to Bed
Everything You Need to Know About Getting Little Kids to Bed
Getting Kids Ready for School
Arming Yourself Against the Flu
There’s No Cure for the Common Cold
Allergies or Asthma? How to tell the difference
Family Media Plan Model healthy media use practices in your family.
Toothbrushing Tips Get your little ones brushing for life
Chillin’ with Winter Tips for a safe and healthy winter.
Cell Phone Sexting Dealing with a new teen challenge.
New Year’s Resolutions for Kids Let this New Year start off right.
Beware of Bullying Know how to talk to your kids to prevent bullying.
Back to School Tips It’s that time of year again. Lots of ideas to make the transition smoother.
Traveling with Kids It doesn’t have to be so hard! Try these helpful tips.
Summer Safety Tips Keep your family safe this summer by following these tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).
Family Fitness During your child’s school-age years, your goal should be not only to get your child moving, but to turn exercise into a lifelong habit.
Does Your Child Really Need an Annual Physical? Well visits (check ups) are an essential part of keeping your children healthy. Comprehensive care means more than just healing sick children and well visits are not just the time to get camp and school forms filled out.
Preparing Kids for Camp To help prevent homesickness check out these tips.
Preventing Sports Injuries Reduce the risk of injury in your young athletes.
Seating arrangements: Are young airline passengers safe in a parent’s lap?Families planning to travel by airplane often wonder whether they should buy a seat for their young child or have the child sit in a parent’s lap.
What’s Best for Thirsty Kids A report from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) explains that sports and energy drinks are vastly different.

How Kids Grow – Parent Education Links
A Parent’s Guide to Safe Sleep
Bathing Your Newborn
Bottle Feeding Basics
Growing Independence: Tips for Parents of Young Children
Optimizing Nutrition for Toddlers
Playing is How Toddlers Learn
Potty Training 101
Teething: 4 to 7 Months
Why Breastfeed?
Growing Independence: Tips for Parents of Young Children
Using Their Words: Getting a Good Start in Literacy
Is Your Child Ready for School?
Eating Out with Young Kids
Bedtime Routine for School-Age Children
Helping Your Child Grow a Healthy Self Esteem
Promoting Physical Activity as a Way of Life
Making Healthy Food Choices
Talking to Your Child About Sex
Homework and Developing Responsibility
Beware of Bullying
Treating Acne
Stages of Adolescence
What’s Going On in the Teenage Brain
Dating Violence: Tips for Parents
Drug Abuse Prevention Starts with Parents
When the Pressure to Excel Gets Out of Hand
Healthy College Living
Letting Go for College
The Transition from High School to College