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Connecting with Kids First families over the years is part of what makes our work as providers so meaningful. We are launching a new series of posts featuring some of our families who want to share their experience with our practice. If you’d like to share your thoughts with us, please do be in touch. We always value receiving families’ feedback. You can leave a review (hint, hint!) on our Google page or on our Facebook page, or you can email

As a former nursing school student and pediatric office employee, Jen Mojica is well versed in medicine. She also has the harrowing experience of being a cancer survivor, which gives her a well-informed perspective. This combination means that Mojica considers herself more particular than most when choosing a pediatric practice for her two young boys. Although she says they were limited by their state health insurance, Mojica was ecstatic to discover that Kids First Pediatric Partners accepted their insurance and she was impressed by their first appointment with Dr. DiVincenzo, who she describes as “phenomenal.”

“They’ve been the most amazing doctor’s practice I’ve ever been to,” Mojica says. “I live an hour away, but it doesn’t matter to me. They’re all such wonderful people.”

Mojica cites open-mindedness as one of the biggest draws. She appreciates a measured approach to prescribing antibiotics and prefers not to give them to her children unless a doctor deems it absolutely necessary. In Dr. DiVincenzo, she found a pediatrician who listens to her concerns and never pushes to prescribe anything without talking things over and thoroughly examining her child.

Mojica also appreciates the tendencies of doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners to go above and beyond their duties to reassure and accommodate her family. Mojica describes a stressful time when her second son was a newborn and her older son had contracted the H1N1 swine flu virus. She was afraid both for her older son’s health and that her baby would be in serious danger if he should contract it. She recalls with fondness how Dr. Shepherd stayed on the phone with her for a long time as she panicked. “She really calmed me down, and she kept in touch with me by calling every day afterward just to check in,” Mojica says.

Most recently, when her older son was diagnosed with ADHD, Mojica appreciated Dr. Aronson’s expertise on all aspects of the diagnosis, from helping to get her son the support he needed in school to finding the right kind of counseling for him. She describes his help as extremely proactive.

Mojica’s delight in the practice led her to recommend it to her sister-in-law who also lives an hour’s drive away. Like Mojica, after her first visit she doesn’t hesitate to make the drive for her children, and describes her experience with the practice as “amazing.”