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Christine Nogal and her husband met with several before ultimately meeting Dr. Cathy DiVincenzo and deciding that Kids First was the best fit for their family. Describing what sets our practice apart from others, Nogal says, “I think it’s just the feeling you get. The values, care and level of professionalism far surpass other practices.”

Four years later, Nogal’s son and daughter share their parents’ enthusiasm for the practice and for Dr. DiVincenzo. Nogal says they never exhibit any fear or apprehension when visiting for check-ups or when they’re ill, and her son even begs his parents to take him whenever he gets a minor cut or scrape.

An aspect of our practice that Nogal has greatly benefited from is the breastfeeding support we offer. When she sought help with her daughter and saw Nurse Kasia, she liked that she as a mother was treated as a patient as well. The extra mile Kasia went, by frequently following up over the phone, showed Nogal that she was on her radar even when she wasn’t physically present in the office. “Kasia told me she was treating both my daughter and me as patients and wanted us to be healthy and well,” Nogal says. “I appreciated the kindness of her help and felt like it was coming from a really good place.”

Nogal adds that over the years, she’s observed that in the instances when they’ve met with a nurse practitioner instead of Dr. DiVincenzo, she’s been just as pleased with the level of care. “I feel just as comfortable (with my children) seeing either because they’re so knowledgeable,” Nogal says. “You’re getting the same caliber of care as a doctor. I never feel shorted or unsure if we see them, and I really value their diagnosis as well.”