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The Chicagchicago-breastfeeding-centero Breastfeeding Center is one of the first of its kind in the Chicago area and is affiliated with Kids First Pediatric Partners.
We provide exceptional care right in our office from our doctors and nurse practitioners who are also International Board Certified Lactation Consultants.
While our doctors and nurse practitioners have always provided moms with lactation assistance, it is unusual for physicians and nurse practitioners to qualify as International Certified Lactation Consultants. Dr. Kathy Shepherd, Stephanie Brennan, FNP-C, and the Kids First IBCLC nurses, Kasia Ceglinski Betsy Schorsch and Yael Cohen, form our Chicago Breastfeeding Center team.Chicago Breastfeeding Center
We at the Chicago Breastfeeding Center team believe in the importance of breastfeeding. We recognize that breastfeeding initially can be one of the most challenging parts of caring for a new baby, and yet, it can be one of the most rewarding aspects. We understand that every breastfeeding mother has different goals and unique circumstances. At every visit we seek to help mothers define and achieve their goals for breastfeeding. We provide a warm, caring, non-judgmental environment to support and encourage mothers’ breastfeeding goals.
Make an appointment with the CBC by calling 847.676.5394 or email
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Following are a few frequently asked questions:

How is Chicago Breastfeeding Center different from using any other lactation consultant service?
Most lactation consultants are not affiliated with medical providers. At the CBC, our team includes doctors and NP’s who have undergone extensive training and testing to qualify for the IBCLC certification, along with pediatric expertise. We have the medical knowledge to include an exam of the baby and the mother as part of the consultation, making the visit more comprehensive than most lactation services. Since mothers and babies are both considered patients, each will need a referral to be seen (except for those babies who are patients of Kids First). We will request a referral form from the mother’s OB or PCP and from the baby’s pediatrician. There will be a co-pay for both moms and babies, if required by insurance plans. We send a report to the mom’s OB/Gyn, explaining the care we provide. Treating both mothers and babies is part of our full circle of care, which is our mission as a Certified Medical Home.
Where is the CBC?
Our lactation program is located on site at Kids First. We have several comfortable dedicated lactation rooms.
Do families need to be patients at Kids First to come to the Chicago Breastfeeding Center?
We are happy to see moms and babies from ANY pediatric practice. If you’re not a Kids First patient, we’ll request a referral from the baby’s physician, as well as from mom’s physician, and then send a follow-up letter to each.
How often does one make an appointment with the CBC team?
We encourage all first time moms who are breastfeeding to come see us. Though many mothers require only one visit to solve their problems and achieve their goals, we’re available to keep working with moms in follow-up visits, for as long as needed, to make sure both moms and babies are thriving. We send reports to moms’ and babies’ health care providers, to keep them up-to-date on progress.
What are common reasons mothers visit the CBC?
When it comes to breastfeeding, each mother and baby has unique needs. We’re here to work with moms on any issue related to the breastfeeding experience: general breastfeeding basics and assistance; latching difficulties; problems with low milk supply or engorgement; problems with oversupply; premature or special needs infants; infants who are multiples; infections and plugged milk ducts; tongue ties causing pain; issues about supplementing, returning to work, weaning, or any of the other countless questions moms may have.
What happens at a CBC appointment?
After checking in, moms will meet with a lactation consultant who will listen to their feeding goals, discuss the medical history, and take vitals on and examine both mom and baby. Typically the lactation consultant will assist with latching and nursing and offer guidance and advice for successful breastfeeding. We often are able to measure the amount of milk transferred in a feeding with a special super-accurate scale. One of our medical providers will then answer any further questions, perform exams on moms and babies, and ensure that moms leave with a unique feeding plan that supports their goals. If it is determined that the baby has a tongue tie that is causing pain or problems with nursing, our providers can perform a frenotomy in the office to release the tie. For some types of tongue ties and lip ties we will refer babies to an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) specialist.
Appointments are available on Mondays through Fridays and usually last about 1.5 hours.
What should mothers bring to the visit?
Since our goal is to help mothers with feeding, it is ideal to try not to feed the baby too much before the visit. If the baby is hungry please try to do a small feeding to tide him/her over. Comfortable, “easy-access” clothes for moms are preferred. It is great to bring any diaries being kept on feedings, stools and urine output. Please bring any devices that are being used to feed the baby, such as a shield or Supplemental Nursing System. Bring devices given in the hospital, even if they are not currently being used. Breastpumps are not needed, unless there are specific problems or questions on the pump.