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Kids First Podcast: Toddler Discipline

If you’ve raised a toddler you know how difficult it can be navigating their mood swings, temper tantrums, and temperaments. In this week’s episode of the Kids First pediatric podcast,┬áPediatric Nurse Practitioner Karen Gentile sits down with Pediatrician Cathy DiVincenzo, MD to discuss discipline techniques. Dr. DiVincenzo has 20 years of experience as a pediatrician …

Kids First Podcast: Public Tantrums

In this episode Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Karen Gentile provides a quick pediatric pearl on how to hand the dreaded public tantrum! Karen provides quick tips on how to handle the situation and create boundaries for future conflicts. References for this podcast include Toddler 411 by Denise Fields and Ari Brown and 123 Magic. Click here …