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Meet Nurse Practitioner Karen Gentile

Karen Gentile joined Kids First Pediatric Partners as a nurse practitioner in 2012 after leaving the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Memorial Hospital, where she cared for the most seriously ill children in the hospital. Prior to that she worked as a nurse in trauma ICU, neonatal ICU, as a neonatal flight nurse and in pediatric ER. Karen has a wide variety of experiences throughout her long nursing career, all of which help to give her a unique perspective in primary care.  

Karen runs the pre-diabetes program for overweight and obesity and also collaborates with a Registered Dietitian in our Nutrition Clinic that focuses on various nutritional issues including underweight/failure to thrive, overweight, NG or G-Tube fed children, and any medically complex nutritional needs patients.  

Additionally, Karen also created and hosts the Kid First Podcast, which is aimed at helping parents navigate their children’s various health conditions.