Karen Gentile, CPNP

After 10 years in the field of nursing, including the last two years as a nurse practitioner, Karen Gentile has seen just about everything in pediatrics. Her job prior to working at Kids First Pediatric Partners was in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Memorial Hospital, where she cared for the most seriously ill children in the hospital. Prior to that she worked as a nurse in trauma ICU, neonatal ICU, as a neonatal flight nurse and in pediatric ER. Though seeing so many seriously ill children would be very difficult for any nurse, for Karen it was somewhat of a nurse practitioner “boot camp” that prepared her for working in routine primary care.

Since joining Kids First Pediatric Partners, Karen especially appreciates the opportunity to work with children who are typically healthy and happy kids. Her experience in trauma and ER, including her work in triage, helps her assess patients who come to the office with various concerns. “I have across-the-room-assessment and although I don’t have x-ray vision, my triage experience helps a lot. We see a lot of kids with head injuries and parents who are nervous about broken bones after an accident. I’m pretty good at assessing whether or not something is serious or not.”
The most rewarding part of her job, says Karen, is when she brings patients and parents relief by finding solutions to an illness or problem. “There’s nothing like leaving work each day having made someone feel better.”

After all the nursing jobs she has had in the past, Karen says, “I couldn’t be happier. I never thought I could find a job that made me this happy.”