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At KFPP, we recognize the challenges our families face in maintaining healthy diets and weights. In order to address these issues, we have a certified Pediatric Nutritionist on staff who can provide extensive assessments and meets with families regularly.

We strive to provide all families with simple, evidence-based information on healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes, providing tools for a long, healthy life.

We work with families of children with a high BMI to improve diet, increase exercise and reduce screen time (Download our Screen Time Chart to help monitor and reduce screen time). Karen collaborates with families to create a customized care plan that helps them focus on a healthy lifestyle. She also provides personalized follow up care to evaluate ongoing progress.

Patients with more complex nutritional needs, such as feeding tubes, diabetes, failure to thrive, or gastrointestinal concerns, have the opportunity to meet at our office with a Registered Dietitian from Feed to Succeed.

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