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Vaccinations – Kids First Pediatric Partners strongly believes in the safety and importance of routine childhood vaccinations. We therefore require that all patients be vaccinated as per the routine childhood vaccination schedule of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Center for Disease Control.
Well Visits – the cornerstone of pediatrics is well child care. These regular visits provide the ability to monitor your child’s growth and development. At KFPP we believe these routine exams are critical and we follow the schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Lactation Services – at KFPP we are strongly believe in the importance of breastfeeding and therefore we are committed to providing assistance. Our physicians all have extensive experience in counseling and advising nursing mothers and 2 of our nurses are certified Lactation Consultants. During the first few months of your child’s life there are multiple times and opportunities for you to meet individually with our lactation consultants to aid with any breastfeeding issues. Read more about our Lactation Consulting Services.
ADD/ADHD Screening – Our providers have a great deal of experience in diagnosing and treating  ADD/ADHD.  We use standardized diagnostic tools and lengthy consultations to review with families the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options. Once treatment has been initiated we use regular follow up discussions both by phone and in office visits to ensure optimal results.

Asthma Services – Asthma is the most common childhood chronic illness, affecting nearly five million children in the United States. Here at Kids First Pediatric Partners, we take a bold, hands-on approach to help our patients and families. Easy Breathers: Your Partners in Asthma Care is a team of staff members highly trained in asthma education and treatment.
Fit Club – Coming in fall 2014, we will be offering five-week sessions on healthy living and exercise for patients who have a BMI over 85 percent. Find out more about Fit Club.
School Physicals, Sports participation clearance – are often required by schools and can be scheduled at any time.
Frenotomy – For infants who struggle with latching during breastfeeding, sometimes it is due to a short frenulum under the tongue. We now offer a fast and noninvasive procedure for these infants.
Nutrition Services – at KFPP we recognize the challenges our families face in maintaining healthy diets and weights. In order to address these issues we have a certified Pediatric Nutritionist on staff that can provide extensive assessments and will meet with families regularly.
Hearing Test/ OAE – Children can develop hearing deficits over time and therefore KFPP uses state of the art hearing screening technology to evaluate our patients at specific ages to identify any concerns.
Maternal Depression Screening – As part of our goal to provide comprehensive care to the entire family KFPP provides formal screening for maternal depression at the 4 week well visit.
Pediavision – KFPP offer a state-of-the-art method of evaluating your child’s vision well before they are able to cooperate with traditional interactive vision tests. The pediavision system is able to detect refractive errors – near or farsightedness, amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (cross eye), and other abnormalities of the pupil and cornea such as cataracts. This test is administered at regular intervals.
Developmental Screening – KFPP uses standardized screening tools at various ages of early childhood to aid in identifying children with potential developmental delays. This allows for expedited referral for further evaluation and therapy.
Depression screenings for Teens- at KFPP we use a standardized screening tool to assess our 12 through 18 year olds for depression.
Ear Piercing – in order to allow for the most safe and sterile environment for ear piercing, our skilled nursing staff can perform this procedure in our office. Call ahead for details.
Suture removal – Our physicians and nurse practitioners have extensive experience in removal of stitches and staples and can provide wound care education.
Wart Treatments- A KFPP we provide wart treatments by liquid nitrogen. This treatment is ideal for children 7 years and older who can tolerate and understand the procedure. For younger children please check with your provider for alternative options.
Fluoride Varnish – Our trained staff can administer a 5% fluoride varnish which leaves a protective coating on your child’s teeth to reduce tooth decay. This treatment is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and multiple dental groups.