Kids First Podcast: Anxiety

Kids First Podcast: Anxiety

On this special episode, Nurse Practitioner Karen Gentile is joined by Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Denise Gardner, PhD to discuss anxiety in children. The topics we touch upon include:

  • The difference between every day stress and clinical anxiety
  • The prevalence of anxiety in children
  • How anxiety develops
  • Common co-occurring disorders such as depression, ADHD, eating disorders
  • Common emotional and physical manifestations of anxiety
  • Preventing anxiety
  • How parents can help the child manage anxiety
  • When should we consider seeking therapy for my child
  • How can therapy help my child

Parents interested in scheduling therapy with Dr. Gardner or learning more about PCPA can find this information on

Additional resources:
– Book recommendation: What to do when you worry too much (Huebner; ages 6-12; workbook for parents and children)
– Apps – Head Space, Calm, Breathe2Relax
– Websites: Anxiety Disorders Association of America (

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