Fit Club

Fit Club

I have some very exciting news to share with you: Kids First and I have created a new fitness and nutrition program called “Fit Club!” You may have heard the whisperings around the office, so I am very excited to announce that the rumors are true and Fit Club will be starting in the upcoming weeks! Fit Club is designed to educate parents on providing healthy nutrition to their children while at the same time teaching the kids how to love exercise and fitness. Fit Club is for kids ages 5-12 with a BMI over 85% without complicating medical diagnoses.

Please bear with us as we iron out a few last minute details and keep your eyes peeled as we will post details of our launch date on our website! Nothing is more important than your child’s long-term health; we want every child to have the best chance at being a healthy adult as possible. Learning how to change unhealthy habits can be challenging, but together we will find ways to accomplish our goals.

While you sit on pins and needles for the program to start, here are a few easy recommendations for kick starting your family’s new healthy habits:

  • Snack on fruits and vegetables when hungry, not carb-loaded potato chips
  • Eat lean proteins like fish and chicken
  • Make all grains WHOLE grains! Instead of white bread and pasta, search for 100% whole grain versions of the same food item
  • Make grains the side dish and lean proteins or vegetables the main dish
  • Drink only water and skim milk, avoid fruit juices and soda pop
  • Exercise for 60 minutes every day, even if that means 4 sessions of 15 minute exercises
  • Screen time should be limited to under 2 hours per day

Nutrition and fitness are really important to me, so I’m really excited to share my enthusiasm for good, clean eating and vigorous exercise with our amazing Kids First kids! Can’t wait to see you at Fit Club!

Karen Gentile